• Alpha, AJ-1601

Print heads EPSON DX5
Print width 1.6 meters
Material thickness max. 1.5mm
Resolution 1440 x 1440 dpi
Number of heads of 1 head
Number of colors 4 colors
Coil weight Up to 25 kg
Volume of cartridges 440ml
Color coverage of 1670 million colors
Estimated print speed, sq. M / h
High-speed 18 sq.m.
Standard 11 sqm
Ink type CMYK Eco-solvent
Material options Automatic trimming and material feeding
Material sensors Width sensor and material sensor
Head cleaning Automatic and manual
Head height Adjustable 2mm - 3mm
Operating system Windows XP / Windows 7
Print medium Paper, banner, mesh, self-adhesive film, film, etc.
Head cleaning Automatic cleaning of printheads
Interface for connecting to PC USB 2.0 / HIUSB
Power supply 220V, 50Hz
Power consumption Up to 1.5 kW
Auto feeder Can be installed on all models
Operating conditions Temperature: 20-32 degrees; Humidity: 35-80%

Alpha, AJ-1601

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